Automotive decorative parts identification with RFID!

What is the status of my installed parts in the vehicle?

Actually a simple question. However, the answer is far more complicated than one might think. The automotive industry is one of the industries that uses by far the latest technologies. Both in the vehicle itself and in the production of your vehicles.

During the development of a vehicle, almost all components are tested in a test vehicle for the first time. Due to the development, there are always parts that do not correspond to the wishes of the automobile manufacturer. In order to be able to make an analysis, the manufacturer needs the right data for the installed parts.

To date, the parts have been provided with a label on which the version and quality status of the part is provided on a barcode. The manufacturer has to read this barcode in order to then receive the corresponding data.

Now the problem begins:

  1. The built-in part has to be removed at great expense in order to get to the barcode.
  2. Once you have removed the part and read the barcode, you have to search for the relevant information in a wide variety of databases, e-mails or databases.
  3. Once these have been found, the supplier is informed about the problem with the corresponding part with the relevant version and quality status.
  4. The supplier solves the problem, sends new parts with the new status (label with barcode up to date) and the manufacturer reinstalls it.
  5. This procedure is repeated several times depending on the component. A lot of effort for a simple exchange of information. This costs both the automobile manufacturer and the supplier a great deal of time and money.

THE RadioForce solution:

  • Step 1: The corresponding parts are provided with an individual RFID label.
  • Step 2: The relevant data for this part is stored in a database.
  • Step 3: This data is made available to the automobile manufacturer ONLINE.
  • Step 4: The parts are installed.

And now for the two KEY benefits. WITHOUT having to remove the part, you can read the decorative part with a PDA/Tablet PC and call up the corresponding version and quality status ONLINE. A HUGE gain in time and effort for everyone.

This procedure applies all the more to serial parts. Here it is even more time-critical for the manufacturer and supplier. The sooner you know the status, the fewer parts go into the supply chain. The cost savings for the manufacturer and supplier are understandable.

However... the right label plays a crucial role here. RadioForce offers very powerful tags on the one hand and "recyclable tags" on the other, i.e. another important aspect is also taken into account here.

Eco-friendliness combined with technology! 2 birds with one stone. Goal achieved!

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