M2M / IoT / RFID Technology Products

RFID is regarded as the initial impetus for the launch to M2M / IoT solutions

RFID technology offers a variety of ways to optimize data, processes or workflows. It requires a competent analysis in order to use the right technology LF, HF or UHF. Here are urgent to define in advance a number of factors.

Another major advantage is that an RFID tag is no direct visual contact is required because the data via RF (radio frequency) are transmitted.

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Sensoring is considered as the base technology for M2M / IoT solutions

Senor technology is one of the basic elements of M2M / IoT solutions. Sensor enables the capture / collection of values that can be measured. These values are converted into digital data and can then be electronically recorded and processed.

Sensors are used everywhere where it makes the circumstances seem appropriate or where a selective or human use is not possible. The reasons may be diverse, to deploy sensors.

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Wireless M2M / IoT / RFID data transmission and radio network

Once captured data must be sent from anywhere to anywhere. This must be done quickly, safely and stably. With the advent of GPRS networks, the infrastructure has been created to enable this global.

A wireless network is a computer network, in which information is transmitted by means of electromagnetic waves safely. It is a leadless telecommunications system in which the methods of wireless technology can be used and utilized.

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