• RadioForce and ISODEV enter into partnership for SW and HW developments. rack with an integrated RFID chip.

    August 2022: The partnership between Radioforce and ISODEV is now in its second phase. After initial joint discussions, a track & tracing project for parking garages is now being developed, which will be completed in 2022. The advantages are clear for every car dealer who wants to find their vehicles quickly. This saves him unnecessary time searching for necessary vehicles that have to be delivered or that belong in the service.

  • RadioForce presents FIRST complete GPS Tracking solution.

    March 2022: Radioforce enters into a strong partnership with MICODUS. As the exclusive partner for GPS tracking solutions in Europe, Radioforce offers the FIRST complete GPS tracking solution... from the HW to the SIM card, the mobile APP to the WEB portal. All from a single source. A large selection of solutions for a wide range of applications will be available from March. The proof of concept was successfully completed at the end of February 2022 (after a 12-month test phase in Europe).

  • RadioForce and ArtiMax develop the FIRST electroplating rack with an integrated RFID chip.

    March 2022: The partnership between Radioforce and ArtiMax is now entering its second phase. After the first joint projects, fully integrated RFID electroplating frames are now being produced in a joint development. The advantages are clear. The frames have to withstand extreme chemical liquids used in galvanic processes. Thus, both companies have bundled their "know-how" and developed an optimal solution that allows tracking and storage management via RFID without any problems.