About RadioForce

Specialist for M2M / IoT / GPS Tracking / RFID Technology Solutions

The RadioForce GmbH has accepted the challenge to offer M2M / IoT technology simply, competently and at a reasonable price to the market.

Increasingly, companies need transparent and, above all, real-time controlled information about processes and goods. These must be designed faster, more efficiently, more error-free and more cost-effectively than before.

More and more industries such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, automotive, food, waste management, animal identification, oil and gas, office organization, etc. have been recognizing the advantages of M2M/IoT technology for quite some time and are using it to their advantage, thereby distinguishing themselves from their competitors in the in - and abroad.

Another competence of Radioforce is the in-house development of products (customized solutions). Both HW and SW solutions are part of our repertoire. Just ask... our motto: There is a solution for every problem!

In the increasing measure enterprises need a clear and above all real time steered information about processes and goods. These must be formed faster, more efficiently, more perfectly and cheaper than up to now. More and more branches like healthcare, supply companies, facility managemnt, pharmaautomotive have recognised already the advantages of the M2M/Iot technology and use this for their advantage and differ therefore from their competitors at home and abroad.

From one hand

Meanwhile there are many enterprises which offer different M2M / IoT / GPS Tracking / RFID technologies, but are specialized only on one type these products. However, a complete solution on which a prospective customer can fall back is absent. A previous analysis is required to be able to offer in each case the right technology and the right product for the right price.

Competent partner

RadioForce GmbH sees itself as a partner and consultant for companies that want to avoid a tedious search and time-consuming analysis for M2M / IoT / GPS tracking / RFID technology and products.

RadioForce GmbH carried out this analysis of the products in advance, involved competent partners from all over the world and thus offers a selected and optimal range of products. In addition, special solutions can also be developed.

We create specifications (in cooperation with the customer), carry out a proof of concept, oversee the projects as general contractor and are available to the customer with an individually designed service for years.

Complete M2M / IoT / GPS Tracking / RFID product range

Regardless of the manufacturer RadioForce Gmbh can offer for M2M/IoT solutions following products:

GPS Tracking

  • GPS technology has been part of everyday use in both private and business sectors for many years. With so-called trackers, individual needs and applications can now be covered in a very targeted manner.


  • RFID Transponder (for all kinds of applications and processes), Rugged RFID Handheld, Smart RFID PDA, RFID Data Collector, RFID Desktop Reader, RFID USB Dongle Reader, RFID Fix Reader, RFID Antenna, RFID Module, RFID Printer, RFID Special Transponder, RFID Tablet PC and accessories. In cooperation with software partners even complete solutions. Another products are enhanced with RFID technology.

Wireless SENSORS

  • Temperature, humidity, water, switch (on/off), infrared, CO2, movement, acceleration, voltage, current, resistance, amount of light, light, pressure, magnetic field, activity, vehicle presence, seat switch, strain, pressure button, compass, liquid level and much more
  • Gateways
  • 3G gateway, wireless Ethernet gateway, USB gateway, serial MODBUS gateway etc.
  • Relay/controller
  • Wireless Network Expansion Modules
  • Data Bridges
  • Water level meter receiver
  • Data collectors
  • Data transmission modules.