Technologies M2M / IoT / RFID / GPS Tracking

"State of the art" M2M / IoT / GPS Tracking / RFID technologies - the starting point of a complete process chain!

M2M / IoT / RFID / GPS Tracking solutions mainly consist of 2 basic concepts (data capture & data transmission).
First you need technologies that can detect or cature data. This can be done with a variety of electronic devices were RFID and sensor technology are the basic technologies.

The next technology results in data communication. Here we distinguish between the so-called Data Bridges/Repeater (devices which merge the data from the various data capture devices) and Data Transmitters (Repeater & Gateways). Collected data is then forwarded from the data transmitter, both wireless and wired, into the appropriate place (database management software). These data are now being used to make appropriate conclusions such as statistics, action plans, interventions, statements, remote adjustments etc.

Overview of M2M / IoT / RFID / GPS Tracking technology product lines

RFID passive

Wireless data acquisition / transmission with RFID Technologie.

RFID active

Wireless data acquisition / transmission with power source (battery).

Sensors passive

Wireless passive sensors for measuring values and/or characteristics.

Sensoring active

Wireless active sensors for measuring values and / or characteristics.


Gateways transmit data to defined locations (database, server, etc.).

Data Bridges/Repeater

Data bridges/repeater bundle data from data collectors and transfer to gateways.

Realtime GPS Tracking

GPS tracking enables real-time monitoring of goods or people.