M2M / IoT Technology Partner

A strong team for "state of the art" solutions

A solution can eventually be just as good as the products and their technology used. Objective of every project is to achieve the optimal solution for each company. Only products with the desired characteristics may be used.

The right product partner network is thus the consequence of quality oriented working and thinking. The right product, in combination with the right partner, provides a fast, competent and cost-effective achievement of the objectives.

This allows you to benefit from an extra large range of customized solutions and flexible upgrade options.

Specialist for RFID Technology solutions

The AGILLOX GmbH has accepted the challenge to offer RFID technology simply, competently and at a reasonable price to the market.

In the increasing measure enterprises need a clear and above all real time steered information about processes and goods. These must be formed faster, more efficiently, more perfectly and cheaper than up to now. More and more branches like pharma, automotive, food industry, waste management, livestock, ATEX, office organisation have recognised already the advantages of the RFID technology and use this for their advantage and differ therefore from their competitors at home and abroad.

The company Aquarson comprises the marketing of programming units, telecommunication systems, remote meter reading systems and intelligent solutions for the management and control of irrigation networks.

Arson Metering markets the aquaCity platform, which offers innovative solutions for meter readings at distance from landline meters or WalkBy. Networks for water and gas and the control and management of all electronic devices in your environment.