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  • What is not defined, can not be      measured.
  • What is not measured, can not be improved.
  • What is not improved, will always      degrade.

William Thomson Kelvin (1824 – 1907)

Environmental protection meets technology

The RadioForce GmbH faces the current and future challenges!

The RECY tag family is the first fully recyclable label on the market. Thus, end customers can meet the required requirements of environmentally friendly technology.

Above all, products that meet the environmental protection requirements can now be equipped with RFID technology without violating any conditions.

A big step for the environment and for RFID technology!


Development partnership with Handheld. New the X6 RFID (LF/HF/NFC)

RadioForce and Handheld Sweden have decided to enter into a partnership. Radioforce develops and supplies complete RFID readers for various high-end handheld devices.

Just finished the X6 with different LF or HF readers. Areas of application such as animal lifestock, waste management or quality management in production can therefore be processed with RFID without any problems.

More to come soon...



GPS tracker family including SIM card (EUROPA coverage) and WEB platform.

First COMPLETE GPS tracker solution with all required components (GPS tracker, SIM card (Europe) with variable tariffs and WEB portal (personalized) to quickly monitor goods, assets or other objects in real time.

A GPS tracker uses the GPS signal (Global Positioning System) to determine your location. The GPS transmitter uses the GSM signal (Global System for Mobile Communications) to transmit its location to the WEB portal.

The tracker family also offers special functions tailored to the applications (animal tracking, anti-theft protection, speeding or simple position information).

Various alarms allow routes to be better planned, redirected or shortened. Direct interactive influence on the operational process (optimal use of time and money).

Extremely simple installation. Can also be installed by non-professionals. Preconfigured packages can also be called up.

Optimal solution for the fleet of all company sizes.
The most important basic equipment of the Smart City / IOT concept. Real-time visibility control.

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Smart City Concept

Smart City is a collective term for holistic development concepts that aim to make cities more efficient, technologically advanced, greener and socially inclusive. These concepts include technical, economic and social innovation.

M2M / IoT / GPS-Tracking RFID is an essential component of these concepts and have been implemented in different cities around the world for quite some time. The task starts with the simple data acquisition and the subsequent data transmission to the complex management of the relevant activities.

Applications using M2M / IoT / GPS-Tracking / RFID Technology