Full transparency of the rack park in electroplating thanks to the system solution with RFID!

Complete rack park management with RFID for small and medium-sized electroplating

As with every project, at the beginning, together with those responsible in the company, there is a discussion, the elaboration and creation of the specifications.

The specification is used to clearly define the range of functions and helps everyone involved to get a complete overview of the process as well as a precise overview of the functions.

The special feature of this project was the linking of a manual process of storage and retrieval with a modern and transparent system solution. With a number of around 1,300 to 1,500 racks, warehouse management did not appear to be a major challenge. However, the downstream production process was considerably more complex than originally thought.

The solution required the seamless monitoring of racks throughout the production process (including the galvanic processes).
As with any process in which individual racks are to be recorded in order to be able to fulfill a clear assignment in the course of the process, the racks must be given an individual identification. This is achieved with unique numbers of the RFID transponders (tags).

The special feature of this project was the desire to fulfill a label and at the same time i.a. attributes of the material must also be taken into account.

Due to the flexible system solution, these requirements were implemented accordingly.

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