Application Areas M2M / IoT / RFID

The M2M / IoT / RFID application areas are as different as the required data that is needed. As a rule, application areas are named and grouped according to the main theme.

Each M2M / IoT application has its own specific characteristics and priorities. The solution will refer and adapt  to it and should allow to expand if needed. The products required in each case are designed for and matched exactly to it.

Facility Management

Management of buildings, facilities and facility equipment.

Water Management

Autonomous availability and subsequent distribution of water/fertilizer.

Smart Metering

Computer-aided measurement, determination and control of energy consumption and supply.

Cold Chain

Storage, transport and processing of temperature sensitive goods.

Asset Management

Timely inventory and freight management remotely with high-tech products.


Process optimization through real-time data to increase quality and efficiency.


Instruments Identification and optimization of sterilization rooms to the operating room.


Industrial applications require robust and long-lasting solutions.

Indoor Track & Trace

The kings discipline of building cleansing to find goods quickly and purposefully.

Service and Maintenance

Targeted and fast reaction through complete description of the situation.

Security and Control

Security at the highest level. Always online to check sensitive documents and data.

Outdoor Track & Trace

Complete outdoor monitoring/location solution.