Smart Metering

Computer-aided measurement, determination and control of energy consumption and supply.

An intelligent water meter is a meter for water (also for energy, eg electricity or gas) which indicates the actual energy consumption and the actual usage time to the respective connected user and is integrated into a communication network.

For providers, the use of smart meters is interesting to adapt the provision to consumption. Remote-readable meters also make the annual read-out unnecessary, as the meter data can be electronically read out by the supplier.

In addition, the readings and also the settlements of several supply networks can be combined. The installation of communicative counters is of primary interest when electricity or gas meters, where a legal obligation exists, a corresponding infrastructure must be established, as well as the routine exchange of old meters.

Here, particularly wireless technology (RFID/sensor technology, data transmission) is required. This facilitates the installation and can thus be used in almost all conditions.


Software applications for processing and control of the entire chain of IoT.

Data Bridges/Repeater

Data Bridges/Repeater to transfer data wireless to gateways/data transmitter.


Gateways reliably transmit data (from sensors, RFID or data bridges) to a defined point.

Tablet PCs

Mobile tablet PCs for the field operation in combination with RFID reader or sensors.

Consulting & Project Management

Competent advice paired with appropriate project management for M2M / IoT / RFID / T&T