Water Management

Autonomous availability and subsequent distribution of water/fertilizer.

Autonomous or remote controlled system for supervision / controlling pumps, including comprehensive fault detection and complete visualization of data.

A professional irrigation automation system, ie an automated water supply, is professionally used in horticulture, vegetable cultivation and cultivation of ornamental plants, in open-air cultivations and under glass (greenhouses) in many plant cultivations. Also in the public area, in hunting gardens, parks, in the greening of noise barriers.

The automatic system has to decide whether water is needed, how much water is given and, if necessary, whether liquid fertilizer is to be distributed. For this purpose, sensors, time functions and programs - adapted to the respective water distribution system - are combined in such a way that the plants grow optimally. At the same time, the water consumption is to be minimized and fertilization should be adapted to the actual needs of the plants.

Data Bridges/Repeater

Data Bridges/Repeater to transfer data wireless to gateways/data transmitter.

Watering Systems

Irrigation control system for most efficient management of water use.


Gateways reliably transmit data (from sensors, RFID or data bridges) to a defined point.

Tablet PCs

Mobile tablet PCs for the field operation in combination with RFID reader or sensors.