RFID passive

Passive tags will be activated from the Reader and will transmit their UID (Unique Identification No) back. Depending on the application, data can be read from the memory or written into it.

RFID Transponder

Passive RFID tags (transponders) recyclable, high temperature resistant, on metal, labels, etc.

Handhelds / PDAs

Mobile RFID handhelds or Smart PDA to read RFID tags and additional data.

Data collector

Data Collector products for easy and fast collection and transmission of data.

RFID Antennas

RFID antennas are part of a fix reader installation

Galvanic Tag

Electroplating RFID tags (transponders) acid-resistant and high-temperature resistant on metal.

Fix Mounted Readers

Fix mounted reader to identify RFID tags in a defined environment.

Desktop & BT Readers

Wired readers used as desktop reader or hand reader for easy and fast identification.

Indoor Tracking & Positioning Systems

Localisation and Tracking (Indoor).

Recycable RFID Transponder

Passive RFID Tags (Transponder) Recyclable Labels

High Temperatur RFID Transponder

RFID Tags (Transponder) made to resist high temperatures up to 300°C.

Printable MoM Label Tag

Printable Mount on Metal RFID Label Tags for all applications on metal.

RFID Printer

RFID label printers are used to print and encode RFID labels.