Rescue Helicopter Mission: Is Everything We Need There?

Rescue Helicopter Mission: Is Everything We Need There?

Scenario: An accident on the freeway. In no time at all, a rescue helicopter is prepared for take-off. Two aspects are to be considered.

1. Does the helicopter crew have everything they need for this mission?

2. Once withdrawn, such a bet costs a mid-range five-digit sum!

So you want to make sure you have everything you need on board. No time for a complex and time-consuming inventory before the start. How do you make sure everything is "on board".

The solution from RadioForce!

  • Step 1: The corresponding goods are provided with an individual RFID label.
  • Step 2: The relevant data for this part is stored in a database.
  • Step 3: This data is made available to the rescue service provider ONLINE.
  • Step 4: All individual materials/goods/equipment are stowed in the helicopter and inventoried for the first time. The inventory takes a few minutes.
The task is the same after each use. After each use, it is necessary to check which materials have been used. Today this is checked with a printed checklist in the helicopter. All drawers open, all boxes, suitcases, etc. have to be opened. This is extremely time-consuming and error-prone. One could miss a part or the correct number that needs to be refilled.
With RFID, this is no longer an issue. As soon as the helicopter has landed, a quick inventory can be made using a PDA. All goods/materials/equipment that are no longer available appear on the display (with a description and all the desired data).
This list is now sent to the specialist department, which fills up the helicopter accordingly, records these goods again and thus makes the helicopter completely ready for take-off.
This means minimum effort with maximum security!
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