RFO AquaCity SW


Area of application

  • Smart Metering

Product description

Network and data management in one SW package

To achieve Aquacity system maximum performance a powerful software is needed that can manage the hardware network of remote reading devices as well as the information collected from the meters.

The software consists of 2 different blocks:

  • Library and Service Machine, successfully manage communications with devices and meters.
  • Online access WEB Interface, enables managing and making use of the data collected.

This software is specially desinged to be installed on any server, without requiring big resources, and therefore optimizing costs of the AquaCity network exploitation. Each software block can be installed on different servers, and using the MSS+TxNCOM block the software can even be embedded in the client's software.

2 functional blocks


This package allows direct communication with the AquaCity network hardware devices making use of the different access possibilities.

  • The TxNCOM communications library enables communication with all the elements in the AquaCity network, simplifying communications
  • Integration of all available meter protocols allowing new protocols to be built in, and keeping the compatibility with the rest of the system
  • The MSS Service Machine, making use of the TxNCOM, collects the information from all the devices, verifying reception has been done correctly and ensuring 100 % of expected receptions intelligently managing retries
  • Network functionality access making webservice calls
  • Designed to be built in any software, enabling a complete network control.


WEB Interface

WEB access application with user and password.

The application consists of the following modules:

  • Installation of new networks and topologies, extensions etc.
  • Maintenance of the hardware network and drinking water meters
  • Management of the readings from all the meters and scheduled meter reading collections from all sectors
  • Generation of necessary Files for each client, considering specific or standard formats
  • Graphs and Reports of the information collected, consumption evolution and historical data Hydraulic group definition to make water balances and computing efficiency of the water distribution network.
  • AquaCityUp, gives access to the physical values measured by the AquaCity system.