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Product description

Recycable Tags protecting the enviroment

The RFO RECY Tag family is a recycable RFID Tag. Has no plastic substrate inside and it is 100% paper based.

Clean & green manufacturing through recyclability of the material. Another highlight of this Tag is the low carbon footprint.

Standard Features for all type of RFO RECY Tags:

- Standard delivery format self-adhesive die-cut tag (paper wet inlay)
- 100% yield on standard reels (faulty tags have been replaced)
- Mid gloss face paper (= RECY antenna substrate), suitable for thermal transfer printing with selected ribbons

- FSC certification for the paper
- Reliability proven to be on industry standards (TH, TC, Bending tests)

- Paper substrate thickness 101 microns (current standard products -> thinner substrates version on the product development roadmap)

Extreme high read range

In addition to environmental friendliness, work was also done on performance. Thus, the RECY tag family provides better readability than comparable conventional UHF labels.