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Product description

Extreme durability

  • Waterproof, and resistant to chemicals, vibration, shock and temperature fluctuations

Exceptional size-to-performance ratio

  • Reliably read-write when mounted on metal objects from up to 2,5 m

Advanced technology

  • UHF permits anti-collision capability and fast data rate communication.
  • Special development for electroplating applications

High read range

The RFO-GLV9020 RFID Tag has an operating frequency of either 902-928 MHz (US) or 865-868 MHz (EU) and is based on the Alien Higgs-3 IC, which provides a max read range of up to 10.8 meters.
The industrial RFID tag AGX9020 is IP 68-rated, making it suitable for harsh outdoor industrial environments as well as exposure to water and contaminants.

RFO-GLV9020 UHF tags have an operating temperature range of -40°C to +150°C, and can be attached using high-performance adhesives, via a rivet hole, or using a cable tie.

This Tag has following special feature compared to standard RFID-Tags: Its coated and is acid resistant. So it can be used in galvanic processes for example by electroplating racks.