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Product description

State-of-the-art technology with easy handling

The RFID dongle RFO-DO110 UHF is a full-fledged UHF read/write device with a short range. The compact device is specially designed for use with netbooks, laptops, tablet PCs or PCs. This dongle guarantees state-of-the-art technology, high performance and reliability, combined with easy handling.

Integrated status LED

The RFO-DO110 UHF dongle supports the EPC C1 Gen 2 tag protocols and the NXP tag protocol for UCODE G2iL chips with an alarm for tampering attempts, various privacy mode options, password-protected data transfers, a digital switch, etc. Future protocols can also be easily implemented . The integrated LEDs indicate operational readiness and the read/write status.

SW for control and configuration

The RFO-DO110 UHF works in connection with a netbook/laptop/tablet PC/PC. The dongle is supplied with power via the USB port and the read data is transmitted directly to the netbook/laptop/tablet PC/PC. The UHF reader can be controlled and configured using the supplied software, but the firmware can also be updated.

Ideal for laptop or tablet PC

The RFO-DO110 UHF dongle is ideal for applications that do not require a long range and always require a computer, such as test and control tasks.