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The Evresys RTLS platform for industrial environments

Tracking, geofencing and optimal security

Whether it's people or things, with Evresys you always know exactly where they are. With or without additional automatic features, Evresys saves you time, money and offers the reassuring security of being in control.

In industrial environments, the Evresys RTLS platform offers a wide range of innovative applications: Track & Trace, Geofencing and Lone Worker Protection ensure easier management of your assets and optimal safety for employees in the most challenging conditions.


The Evresys RTLS platform follows in real time all people and goods that are equipped with a BLE transmitter. You can see their exact live locations at a glance on an easy-to-use map on a smartphone or desktop device.


  • Fewer spare assets needed
  • Easier maintenance management
  • Cost saving
  • No more searching for people or goods
  • An easy-to-use map on your mobile or desktop device


An easy-to-use map on your mobile or desktop device

Simple monitoring on your finger tip.


Within the Evresys RTLS platform, tracked objects can easily be limited in their mobility. This way you can prevent objects outside their assigned
areas within your buildings. You can set alarm functions for this, or prevent passage by closing doors automatically when the object approaches them.

Geofencing also offers the possibility to register the presence of specific persons, for example for security purposes. Access rights can be assigned temporarily or permanently. All this tailored to your specific needs. The flexibility of the Evresys RTLS platform offers plenty of room for customized solutions and applications.


An easy-to-use map on your mobile or desktop devices

Even complex buildings are under control


3D monitoring over different levels!


Safety in Hazardous Work Environments

The Evresys Lone Worker Protection (LWP) smartphone app monitors the safety of personnel in hazardous working conditions. The system monitors vital behavioral signs and sends an alarm when a dangerous or abnormal situation is detected.

The LWP app also features a panic button, for sending a manual alarm. Thanks to Evresys' precise locating technique, the right help can be provided quickly.

How it works

To monitor the safety of employees in hazardous work environments, Evresys developed the LWP smartphone app as an extension of the standard Evresys app. The LWP app is able to detect potentially dangerous anomalies such as: man down, no movement, weak movement and free fall.

The app also includes a dead man's button, which must be pressed regularly to confirm that the employee is doing well. By pressing the emergency button, employees can immediately call for help. In that case, colleagues are automatically alerted and receive detailed information about the incident, so that they can act quickly and in a targeted manner.


The Evresys LWP application for smartphones



Push To Talk (PTT)

In an industrial environment, clear communication is essential. With the Evresys PTT smartphone app, employees' smartphones become walkie-talkies for easy communication with colleagues and external parties.

How it works

The Evresys PTT app is installed as an extension to the Evresys smartphone app. With the push of the PTT button, users can speak to both on- and off-site contacts on the same channel. This ensures open and clear communication with colleagues, but also with any third parties such as fire and security services and helicopter or boat crews.

To connect all different types of radio technologies, the PTT functionality is integrated with a MEP communication server, which acts as a bridge between Evresys' SIP stream and external radiotelephony. In the event of an emergency, all connected users of the PTT app will automatically switch to the same PTT emergency channel, for fast and efficient emergency communication.

In noisy industrial environments, personnel often wear hearing protection with a built-in Bluetooth audio headset and PTT button. Such headsets are fully integrated into the Evresys PTT application.

PTT Application for smartphones



Help is at hand

The Evresys RTLS platform has an advanced alarm system. Alerts can be generated automatically in certain preset situations, or manually at the push of a button by a user.

Thanks to Evresys' precise locating technique, help can be provided quickly and efficiently. The system can also provide a notification when a person or item does not return to a preset location or does not return on time. Alerts can be sent via the Evresys app or via an alarm server of your choice.

Easy implementation and integration

The Evresys platform is easy and quick to implement in your existing IT setup. Because the system uses the existing wireless infrastructure, expensive investments in equipment are not necessary. Evresys is compatible with most major wireless access point providers.

The Evresys platform integrates seamlessly with most asset management software applications, alarm servers and BLE hardware.

In addition, our advanced API Engine allows easy integration with most other systems.

Last but not least

NO BLE? Plug & play!

In the rare event that your existing wireless infrastructure does not have BLE technology, RafioForce offers plug & play BLE receivers and gateways to add BLE functionality to your existing access points.