RFO GW 3G Gateway

Product description

The RFO GW 3G Gateway is suitable for deployments where existing internet infrastructure is unavailable or not permitted.

It provides ‘plug and play’ deployment requiring no experience or additional confi guration. The RFO GW 3G includes a modem that combines 3G and GPS. As a result, the RFO GW 3G functions as a stand-alone product requiring only a power source.

Furthermore, the RFO GW 3G includes an internal back-up battery that allows for up to 72 hours operation when main power is not available.

Data transmission

Sensors wirelessly transmit their sensor data to the RFO GW 3G Gateway directly or via databridges/router that extend the range of wireless communication. From the RFO GW 3G, the sensor measurements are securely communicated to the central server web application using 3G communication. This enables an integrated real-time view on shipments and storage facilities.


The RFO GW 3G is ideally suited for pharmaceutical distributors and logistics companies that handle temperature-sensitive cargo. This network component can be installed and deployed in combination with the Sensors and Databridges for the following applications:

Shipment monitoring: The RFO GW 3G will read-out the temperature information from the smartPoints that have been attached on the high-sensitive shipments.


Facility monitoring: When placed inside storage facilities, the RFO GW 3G will ensure the continuous monitoring (humidity or temperature or both) of the facility.


Vehicle monitoring: The RFO GW 3G can be placed inside vans or trailers together with sensors to continuously collect temperature information while in transit.