Area of application

  • Facility Management
  • Water Management
  • Smart Metering
  • Cold Chain
  • Asset Management

Product description


The RFO TPC 10 tablet PC is a rugged and powerfully equipped tablet PC. This rugged tablet PC integrated with 10.1" touch screen and a high performance, low power consumption Intel® Atom™ processor.

With options for a 2D barcode scanner, magnetic stripe reader, smart card reader, RFID and dual front and rear camera, these rugged tablets offer seamless information capture for immediate transmission.

RFO TPC10 is a fan less design and compliant IP65 water and dust proof protection. This robust tablet PC RFO TPC 10 works up to full 10 hours with one time battery charge. With an outdoor viewable display integrated with touch screen, the rugged mobile RFO TPC 10 performs efficient outdoor as well.

It offers a blend of performance, integrated features and mobility. This tablet PC helps every user to work smarter and more effectively and also helps to achieve e-paper for environment protection.


Due to all these features and functions the RFO TPC 10 can satisfy almost every application requirement or mobile need. Data transfer via WLAN or USB is not a problem and with the 3,5 G modem it allows full connectivity even in the field. Permanently online processes will improve in the shortest time.


The RFO TPC 10 has an 10.1 inch TFT (1.024 x 600) LCD touch display. LED back light and sunlight readable makes it most ergonomic day and night. With a size of 288 mm x 255 mm x 23 mm and low weight of 1,6 kg (incl. second battery pack) it is handy at any moment of time.