RFO AIO3030 1500ETH

Product description

Compact and powerful

The RFO AIO (All in One) 1919-500ETH reader is an UHF multiregional compact reader with a circular polarized antenna (190 x 190 mm) for high performances UHF RFID applications.

Power according to your needs

With programmable output power in 8 steps from 10 dBm to 27 dBm, the reader can detect tags up to 3 m of distance (depending on tag dimensions).

Reading under most difficult circumstances

The radio frequency core of the module allows to achieve fast reading/writing and operation in dense reader and dense tag environments for top-class rated performances.

Ethernet or RS232 (optional)

Der RFO AIO 1919-500Eth is delivered with a TCP/IP interface. On request it can be equipped with a RS232 interface.