RFO RU 500 Data Bridge

Product description

Autonomous with solar panels and rechargable batteries

The RFO RU500 allows connection to remote units in places with orographic difficulties, out of the network of meshed communication irrigation area.

1. Monitoring of internal and supply parameters, temperature etc.
2. Alarms associated with monitoring internal parameters
3. Spontaneous alarm system with retries
4. Reading and storage alarms
5. Reading and event storage
6. Update firmware remotely.

Possible installation scenarios

Metal mast 6 meters: It will be anchored to the chest or fire hydrant through clamps and will be the guide for wiring from the RF module batteries and sensors.
Kit ABS material for housing the electronics remote. It is used as RF envelope.
Support Plate Solar: Solar panels 5 W or 3 W.
Battery Pack: Can be used for certain battery models rechargeable or lithium.
Housing: This waterproof case is charged and the battery case necessary extensions to the remote communications conform to the configuration of the caskets.


Functional princip