Product description

Performance characteristics

The RFO TPC 8 Tablet PC is a robust and powerfully equipped Tablet PC. This robust Tablet PC with 8" touchscreen, high performance and low power consumption has an Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail quad-core processor integrated.

With options such as a 1D/2D barcode scanner, magnetic card reader, chip card reader, RFID (LF/HF/UHF) and 13 MPixel camera, this robust device offers problem-free information gathering that can be forwarded immediately.



The RFO CW80 comes with a fanless design and is IP65 compliant (water and dustproof). It allows you to work continuously for up to 10 hours with one battery charge. With the integrated outdoor-readable touch display, the robust RFO TPC8 also does its job outdoors.

It offers a mix of performance, integrated features and portability. This Tablet PC helps every user to work smarter and more effectively and makes a contribution to environmental protection through paperless work.


Due to all its equipment and functions, the RFO CW80 leaves nothing to be desired for almost any mobile application. Data transmission via WLAN or USB is just as easy as via the 3G modem. This even allows a permanent connection on the go. Processes that require a permanent connection can be easily implemented here.


The RFO CW80 has an 8 inch IPS (1920 x 1200) LTPS touch screen. LED backlighting and readability in direct sunlight allow a clear view both day and night. With dimensions of 250.8mm x 152mm x 15mm and a low weight of 699g, it is ideal for everyday use. An optional pistol grip enables the best handling.