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The great Ox, a rugged symbol of strength and reliability. When faced with hard tasks, the Ox provides endurance.

Due to its unique characteristic, the Ox as a totem animal usually belongs to those who always shows determination perseverance regardless of the circumstances.

The Ox totem has inspired the POSTEK OX series printer's unique and vigorous design. With ingenuity, exquisite, and robust product design endowed in every detail.


Real-time Visual Verification

Thanks to robust deep-learning-based algorithms, the fully integrated visual verification system on the OX series printers can read and grade 1D & 2D barcodes to ANSI/ISO standards, verify text data, and check the integrity of labels. If for any reason the printout doesn't meet the set standard, the printer will immediately notify relevant personals through the LCD screen and the accompanying light system.

Automatic Precision Printhead Pressure Adjustment

Aside from soft close, this system can also automatically control printhead pressure. What used to be a labor-intensive task for only the most skilled technician can now be done through a few taps on the LCD screen.

HEAT ™ Technology

Powered by one of the most advanced quad-core applications processors, the POSTEK OX series printer takes full advantage of the cutting-edge HEAT™ printing technology, providing the best in class printout qualities. Combined with a 4.5-inch touchscreen control panel and a number of new mechanical innovations, the OX series printer unveils a brand-new user experience unparalleled in the on-demand label printing industry.

Advanced Dynamic Adaptive Precision Tuning (ADAPT™)

Say goodbye to poor printout quality due to wear and tear on the platen roller, changing of media thickness, or different friction coefficient of media. With the innovative precise calibration algorithm, the best printout quality in the industry can be achieved with a simple automatic calibration process. Providing consistent, precise printout while drastically cutting back on the need for maintenance.


Available in 200 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi resolution, with POSTEK's signature ease-of-use features and a top print speed of 18ips, the POSTEK OX series printer is the ultimate choice for your printing needs. Constant tension applied to roll media with a maximum 9-inch outer diameter, along with ultra-precision parts throughout the media transmission system, the OX series printer brings the media positioning accuracy to a new level, e.g., the media positioning tolerance can be as low as ±0.20 mm when printing with low speed and optimized media, ribbon selection. If the application requires a high-volume print job, an optional internal rewinder can take up an 8-inch roll of printed media for user convenience and easy storage.

Fixed Print Engine Frame

A unique, patented aluminum print engine frame underpins the OX series printer, along with a new all-metal structure, to deliver unparalleled stability and durability for the industrial-grade equipment with uncompromised convenience of consumables loading.

Intuitive Media Loading

The fixed print engine frame structure of the OX series printer offers not only premier reliability, but intuitive operation as well. The OX series printer features a horizontal media feeding path on the print engine module, making the media loading process natural and straightforward without any sacrifices in robustness.

Optimal Ribbon Tension Adjustment Scheme

This patent-pending, user-friendly method has brought unprecedented simplicity and convenience. Through the Allen wrench bundled with the printer, users can easily finetune the ribbon tension with minimal training or prior experiences.

Innovative Two Roller Design

In addition to the main printing platen roller, a second platen roller is available to further enhance the printing experience. When the printer is in Peel-Off mode, the synchronous second platen roller is the key to the smooth and precise peeling experience that made the OX series printers best choice for the application.

Smart Printer that Saves Ribbon

When equipped with the Ribbon Saving Kit, the OX series printer automatically lifts the printhead during the empty portions of the media under predefined conditions and locks down to print again when needed. Eliminating the consumption of ribbon without printing and extends printhead life span by putting an end to unnecessary wear and tear.

Cable Storage Space

Hiding in plain sight, the OX series printer features a large cable storage space on the back of the printer. The system provides sorting, storage, and protection to the cable and presents a clean and orderly working environment. With the OX series printer, we integrated user experience centered designs into every detail of the product. An integrated intelligent lighting system will provide indication of space and status of the printer, as well as transforming the printing experience to be more straightforward and enjoyable.

Soft Close Printhead

If you hate to slam the doors on your beloved car just to engage the locks, then the idea of slamming the printhead module just to lock it into place can be just as irritating. The frustration with slamming the printhead and the need to double check just make sure the lock is engaged is a thing of the past with the OX series. The printhead of the OX series printer can close softly and quietly through the push of a button, providing convenience and consistency at your fingertips.

RFID Verification

The optional RFID verifitcation package detects errors/mismatches immediately. Marking the erroneous label or tag and reprinting with the same data automatically.