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PLC? What PLC?

The integration of label printers into automated production lines usually required the deployment of an externel PLC (or programmable logic controller). With the new MX series from POSTEK, the printer is the PLC. With just a few tap on the LCD touch screen the entire operation can be up and ready to go in no time with zero requirements for prior coding experiences.


Wipe-on label applicator

With a rotary encoder built direclty into the MX series, the system manager could easily combine the printer with a customizable peeler and wipe-on applicator brush to transform the MX series print engine into a fully integrated wipe-on label applicator.

4.5 inch full color LCD touch screen display

Like all POSTEK machines, the MX series carries on the dedication to the best user experience. Equipped with a 4.5 inch LCD touch screen and one of the friendliest user interface, the level of convenience and ease of use provided by the MX series is unmatched in the industry.

Processing power like never before

Equipped with one of the most advance quad-core processor on the market, the MX series provides unimagineable processing power. Not only does that mean lighting processing speeds for anything the application can throw at it, but also allowing the MX series to take full advantage over software breakthroughs such as HEAT™, ADAPT™, or OX script™

Fixed Print Engine Frame

A unique, patented aluminum print engine frame underpins the MX series printer, along with a new all-metal structure to deliver unparalleled stability and durability with uncompromised convenience of consumables loading.

Smart printer that saves ribbon

When equipped with the Ribbon Saving Kit, the OX series printer automatically lifts the printhead during the empty portions of the media under predefined conditions and locks down to print again when needed. Eliminating the consumption of ribbon without printing and extends printhead life span by putting an end to unnecessary wear and tear.

RFID Ready

The MX series equipped with RFID could provide one of the best user experiences in the RFID realm. With a simple push of a button, the MX series will automatically calibrate both the media and the RFID inlays within. Offering high fidelity media positioning and support for small RFID labels with a minimal distance of 12mm between RFID inlays.

RFID Verification

The optional RFID verification package detects errors/mismatches immediately. Marking the erroneous label or tag and reprinting with the same data automatically.

Real-time Visual Verification

Thanks to robust deep-learning-based algorithms, the fully integrated visual verification system on the OX series printers can read and grade 1D & 2D barcodes to ANSI/ISO standards, verify text data, and check the integrity of labels. If for any reason the printout doesn't meet the set standard, the printer will immediately notify relevant personals through the LCD screen and the accompanying indication light system.