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Especially made to be Autoclave resistant


Chemical sterilization for decontamination
Liquid chemical sterilants include glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide-peracetic acid combinations, sodium hypochlorite, and peracetic acid. Pass

Thermal (hot water) disinfection

  • Washer-sanitizers, washer-decontaminators, utensil washers, and cart washers reduce microbial contamination by means of cleaning agents, hot water, rinsing, and drying.
  • Pasteurization equipment provides cleaning and high-level disinfection at water temperatures of 65°C to 77°C (150°F to 170°F) for a contact time of at least 30 minutes.
  • Washer-disinfectors provide a cycle of cleaning, rinsing, disinfection, and drying at temperatures that are usually higher than those of washer-sanitizers. Pass

Thermal sterilization for decontamination
Saturated steam can be used to decontaminate devices capable of withstanding high temperatures (121°C to 135°C [250°F to 275°F]) and pressures (16 to 35 psig). Washer-sterilizers provide cleaning and rinsing followed by exposure to saturated steam at temperatures of 121°C to 135°C (250°F to 275°F). Pass

Ultrasonic cleaner
30 KHz for 30 min Pass

Dry heat sterilization
160°C for 2 h or 170°C for l h or 180°C for 30 min Pass

Disinfection by light
C wave ultraviolet and wavelength range is from 200 nrn to 275nrn Pass

Detergent enzyme cleaner Pass

Autoclave sterilization
121°C and 115 Kpa for 1000 cycles Pass