RFO Gimly 500USB

Product description

Compact and powerful

The RFO Gimly 500USB reader is an UHF multiregional compact reader for high performances UHF RFID applications.

Power according to your needs

With programmable output power in 8 steps from 10 dBm to 27 dBm, the reader can detect tags up to 3 m of distance (depending on antenna and tag dimensions).

1 antenna connector for middle read range

The RFO Gimly 500USB is ideal for customers who require a middle read range RFID reader up to 3 m.

ETSI and FCC certified

The RFO Gimly 500USB complies with and can operate in both European and US regulatory environments and, due to its multiregional capabilities, it's ideal for integration in devices requiring compliance to different geographical regions.