Product description

Flexible control of the number of people in buildings

With the AXXS Control System, you get flexible RFID monitoring to comply with official requirements for a defined number of people in objects and buildings.

Versatile installation options

The AXXS Control System was designed in such a way that it can be used in different access situations. Thanks to the modularity of the individual components (PC, monitor and RFID reader), very slim solutions can be built that manage with a minimal number of devices and thus save your budget.

Data protection at the highest level

Since only the respective numbers of the transponders are used, there is no personal data. With local transponders that are used again and again, personal data collection is pointless anyway. Regardless of this, the numbers in the first 6 digits are replaced by asterisks. It is therefore impossible to track data.

Advantages on 3 levels

Shop owner / building manager:

  • Proof of compliance with the specified resolutions / own business
  • Data in CSV format. Customers can create more extensive statistics themselves
  • Data on number of visitors / day.
  • Data on the utilization of the business in relation to the times of day.
  • Tool for promotion
  • Control of access with temporary entry block
  • Considerable cost savings since no security staff is required


  • Information about the current number of visitors in the premises (risk of infection)!
  • Security about compliance
  • Use of own RFID transponders / smart phones in all participating shops

Public authorities

  • Complete data on compliance with the specified decisions per store
  • Conclusion about the correct number of people / sqm over a period in terms of the number of infections!
  • Independent size of business in terms of visitor ratio
  • Transparent number of visitors over a desired period