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RFO-KF04 BLE/GPS/4G LifeWatcher SOS Button

Locate people inside and outside a building, alert the easily, give easily access to designated passes and communicate through a clear speech connection.


To alarm, the client or employee presses the alarm button. This is easy to press, which makes it also user-friendly for users with a reduced pressure force.

This advanced transmitter allows staff to locate clients both indoors and outdoors. And clients enjoy maximum freedom and security, both indoors and outdoors. The location determination works indoors via BLE and outdoors via GPS.

The transmitter is compact and completely waterproof, so it is not a problem if it gets wet. You wear the transmitter around your neck or in a leather bag.

To use this LifeWatcher SOS Button, an a Monthly Subscription is required.


  • Alarming
  • Localization inside and outside
  • Wandering detection indoors and outdoors
  • wander prevention
  • speak-listen
  • Easy to press button
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof