RFO Handheld & PDA Cases

Product description


Universal, robust fastening strap for attachment to forklifts or e-tits.

Harness with pocket

Handheld devices and PDAs can be worn on the body with this special harness. All 3 straps can be individually attached to the bag.

The 3 straps can be adjusted to different sized carriers and hold the bag and device securely and reliably with anti-slip protection.

This allows the device to be positioned ergonomically on the body. This harness can be attached to all standard bags from our range..

Universal attachment strap

Device pouches and device holsters can be attached to forklifts and e-tits with a special webbing.

The strap can be adjusted to different sized straps and keeps the bag or holster and device safe and reliable with anti-slip protection.

This enables the device to be placed ergonomically on the vehicle. This strap can be attached to all bags and holsters from our range.