Area of application

  • Water Management
  • Industry

Related products

  • RFO RU500 Data Bridge

Product description

The professional on irrigation automation

The RFO ICS816 is the new irrigation control system which after many studies and tests exceeds limitations of current systems.

For one or several plots

It is an automation equipment for irrigation enabling manual control and scheduled fertilizers, fertilizer agitators and filter cleaning. In this way It can be used for comprehensive management of a plot individually or jointly, or integrated within a remote network.

Free programming of irrigation intervals

It has pumping, fault detection and complete visualization of data. In addition to offering the ability to memorize and activate a large number of independent programs to take control of the irrigation system in different groups of outputs.

8 up to 16 outputs allow felxible control

All with high operational reliability. All models have 8 and 16 outputs latch type and the ability to select from 1 to 4 groups of outputs. the connection module GSM / GPRS, also it includes 4 analog inputs, up to 8 digital inputs and other integrated communications modules.