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Product description

High performance UHF Reader

Depending on Tags andenvironment the RFO-CS720 can read Tags up to 15m. This extraordinary performance comes together with leightweigt and rugget industry performance.

Industrial UHF PDA

The RFO-CS720 is an industrial RFID terminal of data capture. It supports both RFID tags recognition and traditional barcode like 1D & 2D scanning. Even though, RFO-CS720 is designed with only 465g weight, which is easier for the user to hold and operate it for a long time.

Hybrid device with Barcode and RFID

By the RFID module & scanner combination, RFO-CS720 could be wildly used in industries like retail, warehousing, public assets management, etc. to help customers to optimize their business and assets management.


  • Qualcomm 8 core 1.8GHz CPU
  • Android 9.0
  • RAM+ROM: 4+64GB
  • 5.2" FHD (1080P) screen
  • 6400mAh Battery
  • IP65/1.5m drop test
  • 4G/Dual-band WIFI