Repair process fully transparent thanks to RFID!

That's a different pair of shoes!

RMA repair process with full transparency

Everyone knows the situation: You bring a device or product in for repair. Of course, no one can say how long it will take or when you can pick it up again. 

Depending on the product, you are in a hurry because you need it for your job. No matter whether it is a PC, tool, telephone or any other part.

In our case it was professional footwear. Used by firefighters, police, military, rescue workers and other professions that rely on professional footwear.

RFID is the solution that meets all requirements!


Where does the shoe pinch?

The company, based in Bavaria, wanted complete transparency about the repair process.

Ii.e. H. from acceptance, through transport to the repair site, within the repair site, when the goods are returned and back to the acceptance/issue point. 

Since the locations are geographically separated from each other, a solution must be created that treats each pair of shoes individually, promptly and even across locations.


Conversely, it becomes a shoe

The solution from RadioForce!

• Step 1: A requirement specification was created in collaboration with the customer.

• Step 2: A POC (proof of concept) was then carried out.

• Step 3: The corresponding pairs of shoes are provided with an individual RFID label.

• Step 4: The relevant data for this part is stored in a database.

• Step 5: The products are automatically read at each process step and sent to the central server with the corresponding data (location, time stamp, etc.). This data is available ONLINE to all relevant employees.

• Step 6: After shipping back from the repair location, the customer can be informed. When issued, the process is written off.

The data from the entire process can be evaluated and, if necessary, optimized at a specific point.

The entire process was implemented using PDA, desktop readers and permanently mounted readers. In collaboration with the customer's IT, the entire process could be implemented seamlessly in a very short time.

The components consist of the following HW (hardware) and SW (software):

1. Reusable transponders (special robust, flexible transponders with a long reading range). The transponders also have 2 eyelets (each at the end of the transponder)
2. Cable ties (commercial goods)
3. RFID USB hand reader
4. Fix RFID reader
5. RFID antennas/cables
6. Interface for data transfer to the customer ERP system (to be programmed by RadioForce GmbH upon request)

USB hand reader: This was used for collecting the shoes that were sent. The tag ID is connected to the customer data using a USB hand reader. This connection remains in effect until it is booked out and returned to the customer and the data is stored for later purposes.

RFID PDA: The PDA are used for collection and return in the repair center. They are used to selectively read the shoes/tags upon arrival and before shipping from the repair center to Bavaria. The data is recorded and sent to the ERP system.

RFID reader with connected antennas: A 4 port (4 antenna connections) reader was used, which can read the shoes at 4 different locations (tags). The purpose of the 4 port reader is to create a solution with the lowest possible hardware effort. Only 1, 2 or 3 antennas can also be used and depends on the installation options.

Antenna installation location: The original plan was to install the antennas on the side (waist height). At the customer's request, the PoC was carried out with the antenna installation (from top to bottom)

In the end everyone is satisfied - customer and manufacturer!


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