Security and Control

Security at the highest level. Always online to check sensitive documents and data.

It's fast and secure - the new mobile handheld for police and/or security companies. Policemen can now use the handheld to retrieve data directly from police computers. This makes the search or a person check easier and does not take so long.

Until now, Policemen had to call the office in the case of a vehicle inspection, communicate the license plate to an employee and then wait until they were informed. Today, they can dial into the police server themselves via the Smart devcie and get the information they need in seconds.

The computer tells if the car is reported as stolen and to whom it belongs. In addition, the investigator finds out whether the holder is registered with the police and why. If he is known as an offender, the policeman can also take a photo of him. The technology also offers the possibility to communicate with the computers of other security authorities such as the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Data collector

Data Collector products for easy and fast collection and transmission of data.

Realtime GPS Tracker

Complete set GPS tracker: Tracker, SIM card (Europe) and personalized web portal.