Service and Maintenance

Targeted and fast reaction through complete description of the situation.

An effective area of maintenance/service is now a significant success factor for many industries that offer an "on-site service".

Drivers for the integration of mobile solutions in this area are the dynamization of competition, cost pressure, plant safety and quality management. With RFID, sensor technology and data transmission solutions, this task area can be designed to be much more efficient and cost-effective.

RFID Transponder

Passive RFID tags (transponders) recyclable, high temperature resistant, on metal, labels, etc.

Data collector

Data Collector products for easy and fast collection and transmission of data.


Accessories and options as enhencement for different needs of the selected products.

Fix Mounted Readers

Fix mounted reader to identify RFID tags in a defined environment.

Desktop & BT Readers

Wired readers used as desktop reader or hand reader for easy and fast identification.


Gateways reliably transmit data (from sensors, RFID or data bridges) to a defined point.

Indoor Tracking & Positioning Systems

Localisation and Tracking (Indoor).

Realtime GPS Tracker

Complete set GPS tracker: Tracker, SIM card (Europe) and personalized web portal.

Printable MoM Label Tag

Printable Mount on Metal RFID Label Tags for all applications on metal.