RFO 1500RS


Area of application

  • Facility Management
  • Asset Management

Product description

Compact and powerful

The RFO 1500RS reader is an UHF multi protocol reader for long range applications (up to 10 m)*.

Power according to your needs

With programmable output power in 256 steps from 17 dBm to 32 dBm, the reader can detect tags up to 10 m of distance (depending on antenna and tag dimensions).

4 antenna connectors for various read points

The RFO 1500RS is ideal for customers who want to design their own RFID solution and require a long range RFID reader engine featuring up to 4 antennas.

ETSI certified

The RFO 1500RS is fully compliant to the European regulations ETSI EN 302 208 and ETSI EN 300 220 and supports Philips UCODE EPC 1.19, ISO 18000-6B, and EPC Class1 Gen2.