Indoor Track & Trace

The kings discipline of building cleansing to find goods quickly and purposefully.

A particularly flexible technology is the use of local radio cells as used in the Indoor Tracking & Positioning System (ITPS). Alternatively, this technology is also referred to as RTLS (Realtime Locating System).

A system of transmitters and receivers is installed in the building so that the position can be determined directly. Recorded data is stored in a database and can be retrieved at any time.

The special feature of the ITPS is that it is not absolutely necessary to equip the entire building or the entire warehouse with the system, but only the relevant areas. This reduces the infrastructure costs and can be configured in such a way that only dedicated areas are monitored.


Gateways reliably transmit data (from sensors, RFID or data bridges) to a defined point.

Indoor Tracking & Positioning Systems

Localisation and Tracking (Indoor).

Realtime GPS Tracker

Complete set GPS tracker: Tracker, SIM card (Europe) and personalized web portal.