RFO LEP01 Data Bridge

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Product description

Autonomous with solar panels and/or rechargable batteries

The RFO Line End Point (LEP01) is a communications device for data transmission in a radio network in the free ISM bands - Industrial, Scientific and Medical – 169 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz or 915 MHz that allows to gather metering information from radio meters and bus cable meters.

To provide a solution to needs associated to the reading and control of water meters, the AquaCity system integrates radio frequency modules with high sensitivity and low current consumption.

The devices gather the readings directly from the meters, making use of different metering protocols adequate for each type of meter, encoding the information and sending it under AquaCity Gateway request.


System functionality

Stand alone intelligent devices with the capacity to obtain data from different types of water meters making use of different radio frequency protocols such as WAVENIS, WirelessMbus (UNE13575) or cable protocols such as UNE82326.

  • Intelligent communications management to accomplish 100 % of the readings programmed
  • Over 10 years lifetime with interchangeable batteries of great capacity, which allow total flexibility to the installation
  • Remote firmware upgrading
  • Automatic low battery detection and safe switching to standby system
  • Warnings associated to monitoring of internal parameters
  • Monitoring of different internal parameters such as battery level, schedule, temperature etc.
  • Reading and storage of warnings
  • Ultra low consumption device
  • Reading and storage of events
  • Masking of warnings
  • Possibility to customize the enclosure based on needs.


Installation princip

The RFO LEP01 can be fixed to lampposts, radio masts, buildings etc. Due to the autonomous power source no power cord is necessary.