RFO DB 100 Data Bridge

Product description

The RFO DB 100 Data Bridge is a data repeater in the wireless sensor network infrastructure. Together with an RFO GW 3G and the RFO SP100 create a network multi-hop network, which is operated completely autonomous.

In a multi-hop mesh network data to and from the Briges Gatways can transmit and/or forward messages.

The Data Bridges allow an extension of the network portion of the case, the sensors can not directly communicate with the gateway, due to geographical distances or obstructions. Several Databriges can be coupled in a row.

Data transmission

The network infrastructure is completely autonomous. The Data Bridge only requires a power supply. Umgebungsbedigungen within a facility or storage space to change. Freight movements by fork truck, truck loading and Entladestellenoder other operational barriers. The redundancy and flexibility of the network is ensured, as the infrastructure at any time is able unsupervised changes to cope.


Data Bridges / Repeaters are used together with gateways / Data Transmitter as a network interconnection. This infrastructure supports sensors / Data Collector used as wireless data logger. This allows the sensor data are forwarded within minutes of recording to transfer to the server.

The RFO GW 3G is ideal for the pharmaceutical wholesalers and logistics companies that handle temperature-sensitive cargo. This network-compatible device can be installed and used with the sensors and Data Bridges inter alia in the following applications in combination :

Real-time monitoring: The RFO DB 100 in conjunction with the RFO GW 3G Gateway is mainly used for real-time monitoring of static temperature controlled storage areas and facilities.

The devices transmit the information from the sensors/Data Collector. These are fitted in the cold rooms or areas, and thus the data is directed to the Data Bridges/Repeaters and Gateways/Data Transmitter and further to the database/server in order to be used on the specific application.