High Temperatur RFID Transponder

Heat-resistant tags/transponders are the starting point for wireless identification under extreme thermal conditions. However, these special transponders have been developed and manufactured according to special requirements in order to withstand very high temperatures (up to 300°C depending on the type).

Extreme conditions paired with exceptional performance can be found in this product range. Even very high temperatures, which can be endured for hours depending on the application, are not a problem.

RFO-HT 225

High Temperature UHF Tag (up to 225°C).

RFO-HT 230

High Temperature UHF Tag (up to 230°C).


Industrial equipment tracking Tag for most harsh environment (up to 150°C).


Industrial equipment tracking Tag (up to 300°C temperatur resistant).


High Temperature UHF Tag (up to 260°C).


Dual frequency range HF/UHF tag. Mount on Metal.